Home Office Ideas and Paint

It is nice that we have the opportunity now to work from home. There are many people who wanted this kind of job environment because they are reluctant to make friends with other people. It can save them more time because they don’t need to commute from their home to their working place. Another thing here is that they can take care of their family, especially the kids. Of course, you need to consider a lot of things if you are planning to work from home because of your environment. You need to make sure that it’s conducive for learning and working. 

One of the considerations that you need to think about as early as now is your office room. It doesn’t need to make an office in your house, but at least you have an area where you can work. This will give you peace of mind and be able to concentrate on what you are doing. This will prevent you from being distracted as well. There are some people who can work in their living area or dining room. That is fine if you can give the needs of your work. 

You need to prepare your desk as well as having a table where you can set up your computer or laptop. You don’t need to buy a new one because you have a comfortable desk and chair. You just must reinvent and try to be more resourceful on how you are going to make them new and comfortable. You can decorate your chairs so that it will look nice and even your desk so that it will be appealing to the eyes. Your main purpose here is to have an area where you can concentrate and deliver the tasks you are responsible for. 

You can hire a house painter for your home office. They can help you with the colors that will match to your environment there. They would also have the best ways to paint your chair and desk. This will give you an attractive way to work and be able to finish your task on time. If you don’t have a spare room where you can create this kind of thing, then you just must consider your living room. You can redesign and redecorate the things in your living room so that it would look nice whenever you are using your camera for video conferencing. 

If you wanted to become more creative, then you would have the chance to make the things in your home more attractive. You can paint the walls and the chairs on your own without hiring someone. You just must make sure that you’re going to follow a certain rule when it comes to painting them. This will avoid problems and be able to create a very nice result as well. You need to check the wire and even the location of the outlet in that place. You must make sure as well that it is convenient for you to move around and be able to get ventilation. 



Summer is almost over but it’s never too late to indulge in your favorite dessert – ice cream. While it’s true that overdoing this all-time favorite treat may be unhealthy, there are several ways to enjoy it without compromising your health. 

One of the best ways of doing it is by making your own ice cream at home and incorporating something healthy, like Maeng Da Kratom. Check out this easy and nutritious ice cream recipe that you can try before the summer ends. 


  • Maeng Da Kratom powder 
  • 1 cup of milk 
  • ¾ cups of sugar 
  • 2 cups of heavy cream 
  • 5 pieces of egg yolks 

Making this kratom-infused ice cream is relatively easy. In a saucepan, heat up a cup of milk and sugar, stirring gradually until blended well. Then, add Maeng Da Kratom powder into the mixture. Take note though that the amount of powder you will use depends on your tolerance to its bitter taste. 

Next, prepare an ice bath for your kratom ice cream. Put some ice and water in a large bowl, filling it halfway. Then, in a smaller bowl, pour some heavy cream and set it in the ice bath. While it’s resting, whisk together the egg yolks and kratom mixture in a saucepan over low heat. Continue whisking it until thick enough to coat the back of your spoon. You can also add any ingredients that you desire like cinnamon and vanilla extract. 

After that, take out the chilled heavy cream from the ice bath and mix it with your Maeng Da Kratom ice cream mixture. Once well-blended, pour the final mixture into a glass or container and refrigerate. Be sure to stir and refreeze it again after 30 minutes. Continue doing this several times until it is completely frozen. Your Maeng Da Kratom ice cream is now ready to serve. 


  • Kratom powder can be quite bitter in taste. That being said, you may want to add ingredients that can improve its taste. Sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract are known to enhance kratom’s taste, making it more tolerable for consumption. 
  • Kratom has the ability to adapt well with other ingredients. That being said, you can add it to any recipe without worrying about its bitterness. While its taste and smell may change depending on the ingredients you add, its potency and effectiveness will remain the same. 
  • Similarly, cooking kratom leaves does not affect its efficiency. A common misconception by many is that cooking it on a high temperature damages its alkaloid chemistry. However, that is not the case at all. In fact, mixing cooked kratom leaves with other ingredients may even improve its effects. 

Maeng Da Kratom doesn’t have to be taken as a bitter supplement. There are plenty of ways you can do to improve its taste without affecting its effectivity. With the right knowledge and a bit of creativity, you are sure to reap the full benefits of kratom in no time. 


Tips on How to Save in Destination Weddings 

    A popular alternative to a traditional wedding is destination weddings. There are various benefits when you plan a destination wedding such as offering you as well as your guests the unique and wonderful experience which will also help you save money. 

    It is possible that you get carried away and spend mindlessly on things that are not needed just for any wedding location. To help you, here are some tips on how to save money for a destination wedding. 

    Plan Ahead 

    Be sure to pack everything that you will need to enjoy the big day as well as the beach since you are likely extending your stay for a dual wedding and honeymoon. It is advisable that you skip overpriced sunscreens and other necessary things and bring your own.  

    Ensure that you stock up prior to jetting off to get hitched since travel sized products can be found at an affordable price in nearby stores. This will surely save you a lot compared if you will buy those things in the place that you will go. 

    Choose an Off Day 

    Couples must consider choosing a weekday for the wedding celebration since it is likely that your guests will be traveling to be with you on the day of your wedding. Since your guests are already taking off time to celebrate with you and there are often savings to be had on non-peak days, it is a good idea to go for the option that will save you more money. 

    Save on Extras 

    To take advantage of optional off site excursions is one of the most popular things for couples as well as their guests to do at resorts. It is a great to reconnect and take advantage of your travels whether it is just for the newlyweds or for the whole pack to go on an adventure. To save money, a good tip for destination wedding travelers is to book in advance.  

    Choose a Local Destination 

    Sourcing local flowers and food is a nice and effective method to save money on your destination wedding just like when you are working domestically. With your resort caterer, you can seek out a local florist or choose some regional flavor. Going locally for your wedding will greatly save you on both your transportation costs and time. 


    You can also hire a party bus so that your guest will not have a hard time in their transportation especially if the airport or pier is far from the wedding venue. Thankfully, party bus St. Louis offers the transportation services that you need. They ensure high-quality work and customer satisfaction. 

    What to Nix 

    Skip the unnecessary gifts and favor if you are looking to cut costs on your destination wedding. The decorative knickknacks generally are a waste of money and will also cost you to pay extra shipping fees or additional baggage fees if you will be transporting them on your own. It will cost you money at the same time add burden to your flight, so better skip them 


Bathtub Refinishing Advantages 

When resurfacing a bathtub, there are various variables involved. We’ll walk you through the following easy steps to make your upcoming tub reglazing project a big success. If you are not confident in doing this job by yourself, you can always use a professional Dallas tub reglazing service today. 

Prep your workplace 

You’ll need to carefully prep your workplace before starting your bathtub restoration process. You’ll need to cover all of the nearby surfaces as well as perform all of the appropriate safety procedures. Open a window, turn on the bathroom fan, and use an industrial fan to keep a well-ventilated room and redirect the air outside. 

Caulk should be removed 

Take out the overflow plate from above the tub drain first. Then, remove the?caulk?where it meets the surround using a utility knife. Ease the caulk off once it starts to loosen with a putty knife ton. 

Thoroughly clean the bathtub 

A tub must be completely cleaned before it can be refinished. Scrub it down with a scouring powder and pad first. You’ll also discover that removing soap scum with a razor scraper works well. Don’t forget about the space beneath the soap dish, where trash is likely to build. Finally, because the drain is the most typical region where tub reglazing fails, pay special attention to it. 

Any damage should be repaired 

The surface of a bathtub that is being refinished must be completely smooth. This necessitates the restoration of any chips, cracks, or other damage. To do so, use masking paper to line the bottom of the tub and a putty knife to apply filler to the imperfections. Before sanding, let the filler dry completely. This procedure must be repeated until the desired result is obtained. 

Sand the Tub 

The tub’s surface must be sanded after it has dried completely. You can sand the surface by hand or with 120-grit sandpaper on an electric orbital sander. You must use your respirator for this stage. Wipe the dust and dirt away with a moist paper towel once you’ve sanded the entire tub. Make sure you wipe away from the drain and toward the tub’s rear. Finally, use lacquer thinner or a detailing compound to finish the job. 

Masking tape should be used. 

After that, you’ll need to tape off the tile around the tub as well as the flooring around it. You should also cover the drain with tape (remove any surplus so it doesn’t get in the way of the glaze). Place a rubber glove or similar barrier over the faucet and showerhead to prevent drips from harming the tub reglazing process. 

Reglaze the tub with a tub reglazing product. 

You’re ready to apply the glaze after you’ve performed steps one through six. Because all bathtub refinishing products are different, be sure you read the instructions properly. The masking can be removed after the tub has dried for a few hours. However, don’t finish this stage too quickly. Otherwise, dust may settle on the tub’s surface and adhere to it. Re-caulk the bathtub after 24 hours. You can finish the project by replacing the overflow cover at the 48-hour mark.